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Calgarys Best Security Systems - Other Products and Services

Other Security Products & Services
Calgarys Best Security Systems

Locally and independently owned for fast reliable service!

Calgary's Best Security Systems provides Home Monitoring and Small Business Monitoring Solutions which may be bundled into your Home or Small Business Security Plans.

Popular products include our Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras, state of the art Control Panels and Sensors, Smart Lighting Modules and Systems, Smart Door Locks, Smart Thermostats, Video Doorbell Cameras and Connected Car: explained in more detail below.

Monitoring Services


More than just a Monitoring Service, Counterforce provides unparalleled Safety and Security to your Home or Small Business.

Home Monitoring Systems

Integrate Smart Home Monitoring Services with your Home Security Plan.

Services include: Fire, Flood, Freeze, Irrigation, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Breach, Temperature Change, Power Outage and Severe Weather Detection. Create and customize notifications. Receive alerts and notifications directly to your smart device.

  • Life Safety Monitoring
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • Guard Program
  • Personal Emergency Response
  • Interactive Home Management
Smart Home Monitoring Services Calgary

Smart Home Monitoring Services

Small Business Monitoring Systems

Calgary Small Business Monitoring Services

Small Business Monitoring Systems

Calgary Alarm Systems, partnered with Counterforce, provides Small Business Monitoring Solutions.

Monitoring Services include: Fire, Flood, Freeze, Irrigation, Carbon Monoxide, Breach Detection, Emergency Weather Notifications, Power Outage and more. Receive notifications and alerts to your smart device.

  • System Condition Monitoring
  • System Status Monitoring
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • Guard Program
  • Interactive Business Management

More About Our Products

Calgary Security Systems - Home and Small Business Security Systems and Products

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State of the Art Products for Saftey and Peace of Mind

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Indoor Security Cameras

Capture live and recorded video with our indoor wi-fi security camera.

Keep and eye on your kids or pets at home, or the happenings in your business with this high quality, night vision camera.

Set-up custom Recording Rules to Capture suspicious activity on demand or when an Alarm Sensor is Triggered.

Calgary Security Systems - High Quality Indoor Security Cameras

Calgary Security Systems - High Quality, Weather proof, Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor Security Cameras

Capture live and recorded video around your home or business with this high quality, weatherproof camera.

You can rest assured that your residence and small business is under reliable surveilance regardless of weather conditions - even at night.

Create custom Recording Rules with "Video Analytics" - our advanced AI Computer Vision. Our system can Identify Vehicles, Animals and People and customize alerts (or record activity) with Virtual Tripwires.

Control Panels and Sensors

We use Quality Control Panels by Qolsys and 2GIG for a clean, elegant, and modern user interface.

Tamper resistant cellular connection keeps you connected at all times - even if panel is damaged or wires are cut - with Alarm.com's patented Crash and Smash technology.

Calgary Security Systems - State of the Art Panel Systems and Sensors

Calgary Security Systems - Smart Lighting Modules

Smart Lighting Modules

Save Energy and Money ($$$) by setting up energy schedules to manage your power consumption during the day, then switch to an active schedule type when you return home.

Wirelessly turn lights on and off, enhance security by scheduling triggered events, or create custom Scenes remotely at any time of day.

Integrates Nicely with our Home or Business Automation Packages and allows user to control everything through our Smart App available for all Smart Devices.

Smart Door Locks

Featuring SmartKey® re-key technology. Never have to change locks, simply re-key the lock yourself in seconds.

Creat Locking Schedules and alerts on demand, remotely lock or unlock doors from any location with our smart app

Doors can automatically locks after 30 seconds (customizable) for peace of mind. For Use on exterior doors where security is needed.

Calgary Security Systems - Smart Door Locks

Calgary Security Systems - Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Save Energy and Money ($$$) without sacrificing comfort with our Smart Thermostat. Program custom schedules to turn the thermostat down during periods of inactivity or up before you arrive home.

Integrate with Geo Services for Smart Automatic Actions based upon the location of your Smart Device. Remote access and control (and Remote Lockout) provided through our Smart App available for all Smart Devices.

Smart Doorbell Camera

Integrated Smart Video Doorbell allows you to see who is at your door, carry on a two way conversation, and remotely unlock the door without having to stop what you’re doing.

Watch live video feeds from anywhere at anytime. Provides touchless doorbell feature for health and safety. Provides round the clock Smart Alerts and Notifications. Integrates seemlessly with our smart home app.

Calgary Security Systems - Smart Door Bell

Calgary Security Systems - Connected Car (smart Car)

Connected Car

Set-up Smart Monitoring of your vehicle.

Track Location of vehicle and check Diagnostic Health (such as fuel level and battery integrity). Receive custom vehicle alerts, including: speeding, abrupt stop, motion detection, location - perfect to help coach new drivers, older drivers and everyone in between.

Dedicated cellular Connection and back-up battery provides uninterupted 24/7 awareness - even when the engine is off. Provides Peace of Mind that Loved Ones are Always Protected.

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