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Alarm Monitoring & Automation

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We are a supplier of quality Home Security Systems in the Calgary Area, including: Alarm Systems and Services, 24/7 Monitoring and Smart Automation for your Residence or Vacation Property.

We provide state of the art products and services, including: Video (Streaming and Recording), Geo Services (Geo-Fence), Smart Door Locks, Video Doorbell Cameras, Connected Car, Custom Alerts / Notifications and more... which may be grouped into one convenient package and accessed from the Smart App on your mobile devices or desktop computer - Custom Plans starting from 25/Month.

Calgary Security Systems Inc., one of Alberta's Premier Home Security Companies, is proud to have served the Southern Alberta Marketplace for the past 18+ years and we look forward to many years of service to come.

Our Service Areas include: Calgary, Airdire, Strathmore, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, Cochrane and more.

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Home Security Services and Features

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Smarter Home Alarm Services

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Features Include:

Calgary Alarm Systems - Home Live Video Streaming and Recording

Streaming Video and Recording

View and record live video streams from the various indoor/outdoor security cameras in your residence.

Set-up and customize automatic recording of various alarms or events (such as front door access) based upon your notification settings.

Calgary Alarm Systems - Smart Home Notifications

Custom Alerts

Set-Up and customize Real-Time Notifications (including: Motion / Burglar / Breach detection and Monitoring Alerts – such as Freeze, Flood, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Smart Doorbell, Temperature Change, Emergency Weather) - which can be sent directly to your Smart App and Desktop.

Calgary Alarm Systems - Smart Door Locks and Doorbell

Smart Door Locks and Doorbell Camera

Easily add or delete users - never have to change or re-key locks. Remotely Lock or Unlock doors from the App - including garage.

Integrated Video Doorbell Camera allows you to see who is at your door, carry on a two way conversation, and “buzz” someone in without having to stop what you’re doing.

Calgary Home Automation Systems and Services

Home Automation Systems

Smart Thermostats and Automated Lighting Systems, Sprinkler, Blinds, Solar Panel Control, Smart Door locks, Geo-Services to automate tasks based on your location.

"Scenes" allow you to set-up and control multiple devices at the touch of a button.
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Calgary Security Systems - Smart Home Monitoring Systems

24/7 Monitoring Services

Integrate Home Monitoring Systems with your Security Plan, including: Fire, Flood, Freeze, Irrigation, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Breach, Temperature Change, Power Outage and Severe Weather Detection. Create and customize notifications.

Receive alerts and notifications directly to your smart device.

Calgary Security Systems - Connected Car (Smart Car Services)

Connected Car - Smart Car

Set-up Smart Monitoring of your vehicle. Track Location of vehicle and Diagnostic Health (such as fuel guage and battery performance), Receive Speeding, abrupt stop and other Vehicle Alerts - perfect to help coach new or older drivers.

Dedicated cellular Connection and back-up battery provides uninterupted 24/7 awareness - even when the engine is off.

Calgarys Best Security Systems - Integrated Home Mobile Application

Integrated Mobile Application

View and Control every aspect of your set-up: including arm / disarm system, remotely open doors or garage, create smart power schedules, add and edit notifications, create arming schedules, control Smart lights, and alter temperature settings.

Create Scenes – which allow you to integrate and control multiple devices with the touch of a button.

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A Few More Reasons to Choose Calgary Security Systems Inc.

Secure Connection

Dedicated - Tamper Resistant Connections

Intelligent Safeguards

Suspicious Activity easily Identified

Unique User Codes

Create or Delete User Codes in Seconds

Smart Alerts

Custom Text, Email and Push Notifications

Remote Access

Convenient Control from Smart App or Desktop

Advanced Technology

State of the Art Products and Services

Competitive Plans

Custom Packages starting from $25/Month

Locally Owned

No-Hassle Booking - Fast, Efficient Service

Qualified Staff

25 plus years Industry Experience

Quality Service

Rest Easy with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Full Protection

All Employees Licensed, Bonded and Insured

BBB Accredited

A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

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