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Benefits of a Home Security System in Calgary
Benefits of a Home Security System in Calgary

Home security is one of the most important concerns for homeowners. As we spend a significant amount of time in our homes, it is essential to keep them safe from potential threats such as burglaries, fires, and other emergencies. One of the best ways to ensure the safety and security of our homes is by installing a home alarm system. These systems not only provide improved safety and protection but also help save money, offer convenience, and provide peace of mind. In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 benefits of a home security system, including their ability to prevent crime, help promote environmental sustainability, and keep an eye on children, elderly, and pets. We will also discuss the features of 24/7 monitoring services, smart home automation, video doorbells, and custom alerts and notifications that contribute to homeowner convenience and peace of mind.

Home Alarm System Benefits include:

1) Improved Safety and Protection

Home alarm systems provide safety and protection

According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina, security systems act as a strong deterrent to burglars. The study surveyed over 400 convicted burglars, and a staggering 80% of them admitted to checking for alarm systems before attempting to break into a property. Furthermore, the study revealed that when burglars come across an alarm system, 60% of them will choose to target another home instead. This highlights the effectiveness of home security systems in preventing break-ins and protecting homes from intruders.

As such, Home Alarm Systems can help Improve Safety and Protection in the following ways:

1a) Help Prevent Crime – Protect People and Valuables

Home alarm systems provide improved safety and protection for homeowners (and family members) by preventing various types of crimes, including home invasion, theft, and vandalism, and allowing homeowners to keep tabs on elderly, children and pets.

Help Prevent Home Invasion:

Security systems can include features such as smart door locks, outdoor video cameras, and video doorbells, which allow homeowners to see and speak to anyone who approaches their property. These features provide an added layer of protection and allow homeowners to control who enters their home.

Help Prevent Theft and Burglary

Burglars often target homes that are easy to break into and lack proper security measures. However, a home security system with visible cameras and alarm systems can significantly reduce the risk of theft. In the event of break and enter, the security system will immediately alert the homeowner and authorities, making it easier to catch the thief and recover stolen items. Video cameras can also be set to record upon breach.


Package theft is a growing concern for many homeowners, especially with the rise of online shopping. Home security systems with video cameras can monitor front porches and alert homeowners when a package is delivered. Video doorbells and Smart Locks can allow the homeowner to communicate with the delivery person, remotely unlock the door or garage and allow your packages to be left in a secure location. This helps prevent theft and provides peace of mind for homeowners who frequently receive packages.

Help Prevent Vandalism

Vandalism can result in costly repairs and damage to your property and possessions. Home security systems act as a deterrent for vandals, as they know that their actions will be recorded and reported to the authorities.

1b: Keep an eye on Elderly, Children and Pets

Home alarm systems can help keep an eye on elderly family members, children, and pets through various features, including video monitoring, motion sensors, smart locks, panic buttons, and smart thermostats. Video monitoring allows homeowners to check in on their loved ones in real-time, while motion sensors can track movement and alert homeowners if someone enters or exits a certain area. Smart locks can remotely lock and unlock doors, providing access to caregivers or family members without having to give out a key. Panic buttons can be used to call for help in an emergency, and smart thermostats can ensure that elderly family members, children, or pets are comfortable at all times. These features can provide peace of mind for homeowners and ensure the safety and well-being of their loved ones.

Medical monitoring: Some home security systems offer medical monitoring services, which can alert emergency responders in the event of a medical emergency.

1c: 24/7 Monitoring Services

Home alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring services typically include a range of features that help to protect homes and businesses from various threats. These may include: Fire, Flood, Freeze, Carbon Monoxide, Breach of Entry, Temperature Change, Power Outage, Severe Weather, and Custom Notifications.

2) Financial Benefits:

Home security systems can help to save homeowners money

2a: Save Money:

Prevent Theft, Vandalism, and Protect Valuables

Home security systems can help reduce the risk of burglaries, which can result in costly property damage and the loss of valuables (including irreplaceable heirlooms). In the event of a burglary, insurance companies often require proof of a working home security system before paying out a claim.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners insurance premiums for homes with a professionally monitored security system. This can help homeowners save money on their insurance costs.

Smart Home Integration

Many home security systems can integrate with other smart home devices, such as smart locks, smart lighting, and smart thermostats, providing homeowners with a more connected and efficient home. E.G. Smart thermostats and lighting can have their settings programmed to reduce activity and costs while the homeowner is away. Smart Sprinkler Systems can be programmed to turn on in the early morning, before the sun is up, for maximum benefit with the least amount of water consumption and associated costs.

2b: Increased Property Value

Installing a home security system can often increase the value of a property, and even reduce crime in the neighborhood - making the property a more attractive option to potential buyers.

3) Environmental Benefits

Home alarm systems environmental benefits

Many home security systems come equipped with smart home automation features that allow homeowners to control and monitor their energy usage. For example, a smart thermostat can adjust the temperature in a home based on the homeowner's schedule, reducing energy waste and lowering electricity bills. Similarly, smart lighting controls can turn lights on and off based on occupancy, reducing electricity usage and extending the life of light bulbs. And Smart Sprinkler systems can be set on a schedule and timer to optimize efficiency and prevent wasting water.

Additionally, some home security systems include sensors that detect changes in temperature, humidity, and air quality. These sensors can alert homeowners to potential problems, such as a malfunctioning HVAC system or high levels of carbon monoxide, allowing them to take action to address the issue and improve indoor air quality.

In addition to energy savings, home security systems can also reduce waste. For example, many systems include video monitoring and remote access capabilities, which allow homeowners to check on their property without having to travel to the location. This can reduce the need for unnecessary travel and reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation.

4) Convenience

Home Alarm Systems provide with convenient smart applicaiton

Home alarm systems offer several convenient features that make life easier for homeowners. Including remote access, smart automation, geo-fence, video monitoring, and custom alerts and notifications. Some alarm companies even provide a Smart Application that allow the user to monitor and change settings on their mobile device and desktop computers – whether they are at home or across the country.

4a: Remote Access

Remote access allows homeowners to control their alarm system and other connected devices from their smartphone or tablet, no matter where they are. This means they can arm or disarm their system, adjust the thermostat, turn lights on or off, and even lock or unlock doors remotely.

4b: Video Monitoring and Video Doorbell

Video monitoring, which allows homeowners to check in on their home or business at any time, from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for those who travel frequently or have second homes, as it provides peace of mind that their property is safe and secure.

Video Doorbells allow homeowners to see and speak to visitors at their door from anywhere, using their smartphone or other connected device. This means that homeowners can answer the door remotely, receive real-time alerts and notifications, and monitor their front door and surrounding areas for suspicious activity. Video doorbells can be especially useful for those who work from home or have busy schedules, as they provide an easy and efficient way to respond to visitors without interrupting their work or activities.

4c: Smart Automation

Smart automation allows devices in the home to be put on a schedule and to work together seamlessly. For example, a smart thermostat can be programmed to adjust the temperature based on the time of day or the homeowner's habits, and smart lights can be set to turn on or off automatically, creating a more energy-efficient and comfortable living space. Motion Sensors can track movement and turn on devices, such as smart lights when someone approaches doorways – which both prevents theft and provides safety for legitimate visitors to your home.


Geo-Fence is another Smart-Home integration that can allow certain events to be triggered when the homeowner leaves or enters a predefined grid or area surrounding their home – such as making adjustments to the thermostat, triggering smart lighting settings, locking/unlocking doors and opening/closing garage doors when the owner enters or leaves the geo-defined fence around their home. This is especially helpful during unscheduled events in which the homeowner is called away unexpectedly – they can be certain that their property is fully secured while they are away.

4d: Custom Alerts and Notifications

Custom alerts and notifications are a convenient feature of many alarm systems that give homeowners real-time updates on the status of their home. These alerts can be customized for a variety of events, such as when a door is opened, motion is detected, or a smoke detector is triggered. Homeowners can receive these alerts on their smartphone or other connected device, allowing them to quickly respond to potential threats or issues, no matter where they are.

4e: Smart Application

As mentioned, Smart Apps allow homeowners to manage their home security remotely. This means that they can access the application from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computers and make changes to their alarm system settings, monitor their home through live video feeds, and receive custom alerts and notifications if there is any unusual activity detected. This kind of access makes it easy for homeowners to keep an eye on their property and loved ones no matter where they are in the world. They can arm and disarm their system remotely, adjust their thermostat settings, turn their lights on and off, and even control their home's automated features like garage doors and sprinklers. With a smart application, homeowners have complete control over their home's security, making it more convenient for them to manage their busy lives while keeping their home safe and secure.

5) Peace of Mind

Home security systems can help provide peace of mind

All of the benefits and features mentioned in this article contribute to the homeowner’s (and their families) overall peace of mind and well-being. Most of us can’t be home be home 24/7 to take care of our families and property – but installing a home alarm system can help fill in the gaps and provide features and services for value added protection and safety, reduced costs, and reduced environmental impact – while making the features available and accessible through a smart app for added convenience. We can easily receive custom alerts, change settings, check on our properties and loved ones with a few taps of our finger or mouse and have instant confirmation that all is well or respond in a timely manner to alerts requiring our attention. Monitoring services can automate responses and dispatch authorities when we are unavailable for added peace of mind.

In conclusion, home alarm systems offer a range of benefits that are essential to homeowners. By providing improved safety and protection, helping to prevent crime, saving money, providing environmental benefits, offering convenience, and giving homeowners peace of mind, alarm systems are a must-have for anyone looking to secure their home. From video monitoring and home automation to 24/7 monitoring services, geo-location services, and custom alerts and notifications, alarm systems provide comprehensive security solutions that allow homeowners to feel in control and secure at all times. If you're looking for a way to protect your home and loved ones, investing in a home alarm system is a smart choice that will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Article by Calgary Security Systems Inc. - a local alarm system company that has been serving Calgary, Airdrie, Strathmore, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, Cochrane, and nearby areas since 2004.

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