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Image: Honeywell Security Alarm System
(Revised October 2023)

In an era of unprecedented population growth, increasing crime rates, and rapid advancements in alarm and monitoring technology, ensuring the safety and security of our homes and small businesses has never been more crucial and accessible. While many factors contribute to the security of a property - one of the most effective solutions to secure your home or small business is an alarm system. Professional security systems play a vital role in deterring potential threats, notifying authorities in the case of an emergency, sending timely alerts via smart app or desktop computer, and providing peace of mind to you, your family, or your employees. In our article, we will discuss eight reasons why alarm systems are essential for home and small business owners.

Home And Business Alarm System Benefits:

1 Alarm Systems as a Powerful Deterrent

Home security systems can be a powerful deterrent against potential intruders. Visible security features like outdoor cameras and sensors, alarm panels, and posted signage/stickers advertising the presence of a system can substantially diminish the likelihood of a break-in.

In a recent article titled: Home Security System Statistics (2023), the author reports that a staggering 51 million households in the United States have opted for home alarm systems, which supports this claim. Research consistently demonstrates that properties equipped with alarm systems are less attractive to criminals. This initial layer of defense creates a psychological barrier, and causes potential intruders to reconsider before attempting to breach a secured premise. For those who wish to try their luck - alarm systems provide additional layers of protection, including: window and door sensors, motion detectors, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and lighting sensors that all work together to establish a comprehensive security network. If an intruder attempts to bypass one layer, they encounter additional obstacles, further discouraging their progress.

2 Monitoring Services for Reduced Response Times

Alarm systems play a critical role in ensuring rapid response times during emergencies. Professionally monitored security systems (for homes and businesses) connect to a trained team that is instantly alerted upon activation, and are ready to assess and take appropriate action. Studies affirm that monitored alarm systems exhibit significantly faster response times, emphasizing their pivotal role in safeguarding occupants and property. In the case of a fire, alarm systems equipped with smoke and heat detectors can promptly alert occupants and contact the fire department, potentially saving lives, particularly in situations where fires can escalate swiftly. These advanced systems also detect environmental hazards like carbon monoxide leaks, flooding, and extreme temperature changes, offering early warnings for added safety.

In addition, home and business owners can remotely monitor and manage their security systems through mobile apps and web interfaces. This level of control allows owners to have real-time access to security camera feeds, receive custom alerts and notifications to their devices for suspicious activity, and even remotely arm or disarm the system. These features provide enhanced communication and control for frequent travelers or remote business managers, particularly when a breach or false alarm occurs.

3 Remote Monitoring and Control

Remote monitoring and control features for professional security systems have revolutionized how we protect our homes and businesses. These cutting-edge technologies provide an array of features that extend well beyond traditional security measures, giving users unprecedented access to their systems through mobile applications or web interfaces. Users can now view live camera feeds, change system settings, arm and disarm their systems, provide remote access, and receive (customizable) real-time notifications for general alerts and suspicious activities. This proactive approach ensures that any potential issues (such as fire, flood, temperature, carbon monoxide, and security breaches) are swiftly identified and addressed for the enhanced safety and security of the premises.

The capacity to remotely arm or disarm the security system and provide remote access is a game changer for home and business owners who need to travel and manage their businesses from afar - providing an additional sense of confidence and control while they are away.

4 Fire and Environmental Hazard Protection

Modern alarm systems have evolved beyond traditional intrusion detection, incorporating critical features for safeguarding against environmental threats. These advanced systems come equipped with specialized sensors that identify crucial indicators of danger, such as smoke, heat variations, and hazardous gases. In the unfortunate event of a fire outbreak, these sensors swiftly alert the occupants, enabling them to take immediate action to evacuate or contain the situation. In addition, if the alarm system has professional monitoring services, it can automatically communicate with the local fire department, ensuring a rapid response crucial in minimizing potential damage and safeguarding lives.

Modern alarm systems with enhanced sensors can also identify dangers like carbon monoxide leaks, flooding, and extreme fluctuations in temperature. By providing early warnings, these systems serve as a proactive defense mechanism, allowing homeowners and businesses to minimize damages due to prompt detection and reaction times.

5 Asset Protection

Small businesses rely on safeguarding a wide range of assets, including physical product inventories, store equipment, computer systems, and even intangible intellectual property. Alarm systems serve as a vital defense, acting as a deterrent against theft or unauthorized access, and allow swift responses to prevent or mitigate potential losses.

Alarm Systems also protect residential homes and personal possessions, including hard to replace family heirlooms, which may have sentimental value in addition to the monetary benefit.

6 Insurance Benefits

Another significant advantage of investing in an alarm system is the potential for savings on insurance premiums. Insurance companies acknowledge the heightened protection that these systems bring to a property. As a result, they frequently provide discounted rates to policyholders who have installed these professionally monitored systems.

Not only does the insurance discount help to offset the initial investment required for the alarm system, but it can also provide long-term financial benefits. Over time, the accumulated savings from reduced insurance premiums can translate into substantial gains for the policyholder.

The owner also receives financial savings from NOT having to replace damaged (or stolen) assets, or repairing damages to their property from the break-in - which could result in higher insurance premiums.

7 Employee Safety

For small businesses, prioritizing the well-being of employees is an absolute must. Alarm systems serve as an instrumental component in upholding this commitment to safety. In the unfortunate event of a break-in or an emergency situation, the timely response facilitated by these systems can make a critical difference. They act as a first line of defense, swiftly alerting on-site and off-site personnel to any potential threat. This rapid notification enables immediate action, potentially preventing or minimizing harm to employees.

Moreover, alarm systems are equipped with specialized features tailored explicitly for employee protection. Panic buttons, strategically placed within the premises, provide an instantaneous means for individuals to Call for Help in high-stress situations. Additionally, discreet duress codes offer a covert method for signaling distress to monitoring authorities. These measures empower and protect employees, offering them a tangible sense of security and reassurance in their work environment. By installing a professionally monitored security system, businesses demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and create a workplace culture that fosters confidence and peace of mind among their workforce. In essence, alarm systems provide invaluable safety and security to the employees that drive the success of small businesses.

8 Peace of Mind and Reduced Stress

Alarm systems not only make your home or business safer; they also give you a strong sense of comfort and peace of mind. When you have a professional monitored security system installed, you can relax knowing that your home or business is well-protected from unauthorized access or potential intruders. Alarm systems are a powerful deterrent, significantly reducing the likelihood of security breaches. This enhanced sense of security helps you to relax and worry less about potential threats, and allows you to be enjoy your home or be productive at work without the weight of constant concern.

This sense of security also encompasses your family members, employees, Business Partners - and even customers, knowing they are in an environment with robust security measures. Security systems create a space where individuals feel safe, valued, and empowered - allowing them to focus on their respective roles and responsibilities. Increased security, in turn, contributes to heightened productivity and an overall sense of well-being for all involved.


Alarm systems are the foundations of safety and security for homes and small businesses. Professionally monitored systems provide multiple benefits - from prevention and rapid response, to remote monitoring and control of your system, asset protection, and protecting your loved ones or employees. As technology advances, these systems become more sophisticated and offer greater security and convenience. By installing a professional alarm system, homeowners and small business proprietors can create a safe environment that fosters well-being and peace of mind for all who enter.

Article by Calgary Security Systems Inc. - a local alarm system company that has been serving Calgary, Airdrie, Strathmore, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, Cochrane, and nearby areas since 2004.

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