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Keeping Your Security Cameras Hacker-Proof

Want to hear something creepy? A free-for-all website is currently streaming thousands of surveillance footage. The people on these live streams don’t even know they are putting on a live show from your security cameras.

At an instant of time, The website can broadcast some 73,000 video streams. If your footage is not secured by the strong passwords, then it can be leaked. Views of storefronts, living rooms, and even home nurseries can be streamed for everyone to see. And to add to the risk, the streams are based on your location. With enough digging, people can know which city, town or even street the video stream is coming from.

With security technology constantly increasing reliance on the Internet, vulnerabilities emerge. Hackers can take advantages of weak links. Still, many people don’t know how to protect themselves from malicious attacks. Anyone can view these 73,000 streams on the globe from those cameras which are improperly set up.

How do These Cameras work?

Many of these streaming cameras fall under the category of IP cameras. These smart cameras are capable of communicating via the Internet, either through Wi-Fi or LAN connections. An IP camera will connect to a static web address and will continually stream video information to that address. By knowing the IP address, accessing the footage is simple. These connections are two-way which supports commands like pan, tilt, and zoom.

Why Brands Matter in Security Cameras?

Buying from a reputable brand and store matters. Low-Cost Manufactures don’t think about privacy and consumer safety, which led to vulnerable cameras.Cheap price tags can attract you, especially if you plan to set the cameras up yourself.

Security features are important, not the megapixels. They’re often only available built-in from higher-end surveillance cameras, but that does not mean you’d have to spend a fortune. Built-in data encryption should be the bare minimum for your system.

Immediately replace default passwords upon setup. The website mentioned earlier used default log-ins, the credentials that ship with the cameras, to give everyone full access to the footage.

Working with Experts

Hiring security firms to install security cameras can be the safest route to take. For example, security companies like Calgary Security Systems Inc. have experts that will fortify all the technology used at home.

Setting up security cameras might be an easy task and chances of getting hacked can be decreased if the camera is offline. But features like video streaming to your mobile phone or to your computer can leave you at the mercy of malicious intent.

Getting someone with a know-how of all the technology involved will safeguard all the private data captured by your cameras.

Safety is the Goal

Safety is important. Ironically, many security cameras can cause harm when implemented improperly. With the right understanding of how these technologies work or consulting those who do, you can keep hackers away.

Cameras and high-technology surveillance systems are dropping prices. Do not be lured by low-cost alone. Your security system must contain capable software. Connected systems, from the cameras, watching you to the automated lock on your door, must all put your privacy first.